Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ratty Redux

He still has 8 lives left - right?

There has been no change in his condition from last night but we have decided to bring him home and look after him here for a few days.  He can't eat himself but we have experience with 'force feeding' a sick cat before. 

We will give him a few more days and see if he picks up. 

When Marius comes home tonight we will trek out to the Vet (again) and retrieve the poor chap.

Thanks for keeping all the paws, whiskers, toes etc crossed and please send healing powers his way.  I will post some photos of his progress in due course.

Ratty & LG



Jenny Woolf said...

Good luck in your vetinary nursing. I'm sure that your care will give him the best chance of surviving to enjoy the rest of those 8 lives.

Margaret said...

You made my DAY! Just wonderful people you are... and he is one lucky cat. I love cats and have rescued a few myself. Keep us posted!