Monday, October 10, 2011

Look at Me!

Seven days ago, we found Ratty unable to move ---

Look at me:

Look at me:

Look at me now!

The last photo is a bit of a cheat as I had to lift him up into this position, but his front paws are strong enough to hold him like that for a few minutes.  We are doing physio-practice-standing and Ratty tries to take a few steps while I hold him up - all the instincts seem to be intact.

See what all your positive healing energy has accomplished?



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ha - thanks for your comment on todays blog; I have added more to it now!

Deborah said...

I just read down about Ratty, how lovely to see him 'up'. It must have been awful, I hope he just gets better and better and is soon back to his normal self ... he's gorgeous x

jabblog said...

We were away at the weekend so I have only just caught up with Ratty's progress. He seems to be improving by leaps and bounds - not too bold a statement considering the parlous state he was in just four days ago.
It sounds as though it's taking its toll of you, however - please do take care, Isabel.
Janice x

Isabel Doyle said...

Thanks for your concern about my health as well as Ratty's. It is not that I have been 'overdoing it' at all.
It is more than 8 weeks since I've had an immunoglobulin infusion cycle so it is not surprising I am starting to slip. BUT, I am feeling better, even now, than I have for over 2 years!!

Jenny Woolf said...

Way to go Ratty!!!!

Suz said...

Oh Isabel, that is such good see Ratty standing...sort of ,with help..that's good!
You are such a dear one to love your felines so much....Ratty, you are my hero.....

Paradoxical Cat said...

Miaou Purr!