Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seems to have survived ...

On the 4th of October, 2011, I published this sad post about Ratty's close encounter with a solid object/vehicle/death ray. Do you remember how Marius and I traipsed back and forth to the vet dithering about putting him down because he was so ill -- and yet so excited to see us?

I think I made the right decision, taking him home and nursing him so he had a little longer to recover and avoid the lethal injection.

He's been having continual problems with a fungal infection we haven't been able to eradicate -- so far -- and has spent the last five months in and out of his bonnet, on various expensive drugs:

In spite of these setbacks, he is flourishing.  

The four cats are finding their new roosting spots and working out their new battle-lines, but they all seem to be very happy in the new house with its magnificent garden and multiple climbing opportunities.

Ratty has claimed a shelf in the pantry, right next to the street cat food:


 While Ming has her private quarters nearby (but higher up, naturally):

Ratty continues to be closely attached to me.  He'll go to sleep near me and wake up later yeowlling when he can't find me.  Best of all he rather likes to help me with my writing tasks.


 There are still a few boxes to negotiate, things we can't find (like a cupboard full of shoes???) and no-go corners of chaos.  Last weekend we hung 46 pieces of artwork and photographs.  I told you we had a lot of stuff.  Marius has been busy in the garden replanting the fountain, putting up hose reels, the clothesline and lantern brackets.  We've bought a few new plants as this garden has almost no flowers, so he has been busy digging too.

In mid August, before we moved, we submitted a request for some extra handrails - one for the front door, one for the carport/kitchen door and one for the steps inside which lead to the dining room.  This is standard procedure when you want to make modifications to your compound house. If the work is approved, we will be charged a 'reasonable rate' for materials and labour. The handrails are for me as I have become dangerously unsteady on my feet and the steps are marble - slippery at the best of times, lethal when wet.  So far we have not had a response.  We would simply go and buy standard grab rails and install them ourselves (well, Marius would do the work while I said encouraging things) but being Exile-land, we can't find any ... 

Marius has a conference in Perth, Australia next month.  Guess what he'll have in his luggage on the return journey?


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


This pile is getting bigger ...  

Moving is disturbing on so many levels, not least of which the confrontation with how much stuff one has.  Yes, loved and with stories attached, but stuff nonetheless.