Saturday, October 22, 2011

Feasting - Gourmet Post

We went out to a swanky Thai restaurant last night with friends.  It was a lovely evening allowing us to dine al fresco.

At 8 o'clock, the place was empty.  Most people seem to dine quite late, with the restaurant not filling up until after 9 pm (which is usually my bed time).  I decided I couldn't cope with a late night and alcohol, so I chose one of the jewel-like 'mocktails' from the menu:

In laziness, rather than swim through the pages of menu, we chose the banquet meal, which follows. 

We began with an 'amuse bouche' of taro and peanuts, in a tempura batter.  This was followed by a cascade of delightful morsels, each one more delicious than the last.

Spicy minced duck with salad leaves

Grouper in red curry sauce, from the wok

Squid and vegetables in a noodle broth:

Green papaya salad:

Roast duck curry in a clay pot:

Char-grilled beef with tomato and basil in a chili lime dressing:

Chicken in pandan leaf:

Sea bass and Thai celery with lime dressing:

And for sweets, we had mango with sticky rice and coconut cream:

tapioca and sago:

and fresh seasonal fruit (rambutan, mangosteen, dragon fruit and ciku).  

The meal was accompanied by a light lemongrass green tea. 

Next week is Loi Krathong when we will go to the Thai Embassy function held at one of the hotels.  I hope to bring you photos of what promises to be a magical night.



jabblog said...

Delicious and so prettily served. Makes my stir-fry look decidedly ham-fisted!!

The Old Raven said...

The fruit is amazing.