Monday, October 17, 2011

Now what am I supposed to do?

Ratty visited the Vet on Saturday afternoon and was pronounced healthy.  The Vet was amazed at Ratty's progress.  We've made an appointment for two weeks' time for his little op.  He was the best behaved cat getting into the carrier, travelling and being a patient at the Vet of any cat we've ever taken before.

I can hear the chorus of 'I told you so' streaming through the ether and can feel all those heads shaking.  I don't want four cats.  The politics of three cats is bad enough.  And if Ratty moves in (as he has done) how do I square my conscience about his little sister 'Little Guy', Pink Floyd and all the rest?

Ratty has fallen in love it seems.  Once you take a chap into your bedroom, he thinks he should spend all his time there, with you, exclusively.  If I move from my chair he wakes up and maows, and if I don't come straight back, he wanders around the house looking for me.  The place he has chosen to roost is - surprise, surprise - exactly where he spent his days in the HDU.

And Wolfe, who is a jealous queen, tries to climb onto my lap to show Ratty that I love her the best, while poor Macc and Ming slink around the walls glaring at me and then arrange secret meetings with me upstairs under the covers.

My advice to the world:  never, ever fool around, it is simply not worth it.



Jenny Woolf said...

It's turning into a bit of a soap opera if you ask me. I suggest you open a little cat pub with them as the regulars and you as the feisty barmaid that they all fancy.

Anonymous said...

To be in such demand!

But delighted to hear the news that Ratty is back on his feet again.

jabblog said...

Now that's quite a surprise. I thought Lazarus/Ratty might venture indoors occasionally just to be sociable but that he would wish to return to his old haunts. Maybe he will when he's had the snip.
Oh dear, Isabel - what to do? What to do? You may not want four cats but maybe four cats want (and need) you. There, that's a really helpful remark to make, isn't it?

Dave King said...

"Once you take a chap into your bedroom, he thinks he should spend all his time there, with you, exclusively."

I think I'm one of those chaps!

Christine said...

I have caught up with Ratty's story. That is one grateful cat. And of course where else should he sleep?

Friko said...

And I have caught up with your posts too, I hope you don't have to move far afield and that you will soon have new and pleasant neighbours again.

In the meantime, you will just have to make do with the love and attention your feline friends give you. Yes, incl. Ratty.

chiccoreal said...

Dear Isabel: Yeah Ratty! Go Ratty!!! What a survivor! Thanks to your fine medical care of dear Ratty!

Lena said...

He's so sweet!

Trying to get my cat, Boaby, into his cat carrier is a nightmare. The strength of the thing! He's got similar markings to Ratty, but not quite so laid back and friendly!