Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ratty in the HDU

We are making progress, snail-like, determined. 

Ratty has finished his course of antibiotics.  I am still force-feeding him the 'recovery' vet food, but half his meal is now 'sardines in aspic' which he eats himself.  Eats is perhaps too polite.  He practically inhales it, he likes it so much. 

the 'sphynx' position, head up!

His neck and shoulders are getting stronger and he will happily stay in his sphynx position for 10-15 minutes without wobbling over.  He washes his front paws and chest and this morning, I saw him washing his right hind leg.  He'd got himself half up and twisted around and was busy with his tongue.  I think the grooming is a very good sign of returning to cat nature, self awareness and self care, to say nothing of returning strength:  on Thursday he could do nothing himself, not even lick around his own mouth.

paw washing

I am sure his eye-sight is back to normal or near normal.  Yesterday we played with the feather and he tried hard to bat at it and eat it, while this morning, when he was sitting up having his breakfast, he caught sight of another cat, who he was most interested in and wary of:  his own reflection in the piano about 3 metres away.

I would like to take him back to the Vet who saw him last Monday, and who supported our decisions not to euthanise him, and who discharged him from hospital last Wednesday night.  I think it would be reassuring to have a professional, objective opinion on his progress, and especially a neurological assessment.  Depending on how well I am tomorrow, I might even attempt this feat on my own.

not elegant, maybe, but it works

We are cautiously optimistic.



Jenny Woolf said...

Well done Ratty. I am really pleased about this!

I don't suppose he'll like the vet visit much just as he is recovering, though. Hope you feel better soon yourself.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Well, I've been absent way too long, however arrived in time for a positive report on Ratty's progress. The washing seems like a very good sign to me, especially if it was only Thursday when he could do nothing to care for himself. I am sorry there has been so much worry, that Ratty has been so unwell. Sending my very best wishes and applause for his caregivers and his own determination.