Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Convalescing - Okay?

I was quite worried about Ratty yesterday.  About 4 o'clock, after being tempted with hand-offered turkey slices, he emerged from seclusion and had a big bowl of cat-crunchies and a drink of water.  He spent the evening on the lawn, chatting and being patted, and showing off his new walking skills.  He can manage 2 metres or so and then needs a little sit (I know it well!) but he is walking almost normally.

This morning he managed to scratch an ear with his hind paw - quite a feat of balance and strength given his recent history!

It did occur to me - finally - that maybe Ratty was worried about being in Macc's territory and was keeping a low profile as he was not his normal Supercat self.  Macc hissed at him but did not display his aggression otherwise - he saves that for poor Wolfe who is still copping it on all sides.

It is midday here and warmish (33) but not too oppressive;  sleepy time for cats usually.  Macc is upstairs on the verandah, asleep.  Ming is on our bed, asleep, Wolfe is on a chair under the kitchen table, asleep, and Ratty is under some ornamental grass in the garden.

I'm not so worried about him any more.  Tomorrow we're taking him for a check up at the Vet and we will see if the Vet thinks it's safe to give him a general anaesthetic so soon after his 'head injury' or whether we should wait a little longer for his operation.

As for the future, we will give him the option of returning to his former life on the streets.  Unlike Wolfe, we don't think he wants to be a house cat. He has made no attempt to come back inside through the always-open garden door.   Rest assured we will continue to do our best for him.

Thank you for being interested in his progress.  It is really quite a miraculous story isn't it?  I feel, not so much vindicated for my stubborness, as relieved that for once I seem to have made the right decision in giving him more time.



Anonymous said...

Isobel - I went back and noted it was only 10 days ago that you first posted about Ratty. 10 days and this miracle has happened. If you hadn't stepped in who knows where poor old Ratty would be now!
Silly "Good on Yous" don't cover how much I admire you for stepping up to the plate.

jabblog said...

Miraculous it is, indeed. But for you (and Marius) Ratty would have died. You deserve a medal!

The Paradoxical Cat said...

You have shown us that faith can shift mountains. It's been very moving. :-)