Saturday, October 8, 2011

Progress in the High Dependency Unit

We are seeing some more encouraging signs of progress in Ratty's condition.

Yesterday, when I turned him onto his belly and propped his legs apart (so he wouldn't roll over), he kept his head up himself and ate some fish and jelly from the plate:

Each meal now consists of the 'recovery food' which I still squirt into his mouth with the syringe, followed by a plate of fish jelly and now increasing proportions of fish.  Then he has a few mililtres of water from the syringe.  He doesn't much like the vet food but it is highly nutritious so I won't stop giving it to him.  He loves the fish and gets very excited when he smells it coming - and now sees me bringing it. 

His vision has definitely improved, his eyes are brighter and he tracks people.  This morning I was playing with the piece of ribbon and he was trying to catch it with his front paws and his mouth.

Last night while he was in the sphynx position, he began washing his forelegs - a first.

He is getting stronger all the time.  He lifts his head to see what is going on, turns to look at you and maows.  His maows are also getting stronger and more Ratty-like.

He is more alert for longer periods of time.

He loves company and talks to you as soon as you enter the room.  He loves being patted and played with and massaged. We turn him over to stop bed sores, make him wiggle his legs and practise kicking, stroke and generally make a fuss of him.

Marius says he is actually a cunning cat who figured the only way he would get inside was by some dramatic acting.  Our friends who were over for Thanksgiving dinner last night said Ratty will never get better - why would he with the lavish and luxurious attention he's receiving?

Let us not fool ourselves - he is still a very sick, vulnerable and dependent cat.  I don't know how much more he will improve, nor how long I will be able to provide 'round-the-clock nursing'  (esecially if I  become ill again).  As I said the other day, I can only take this journey one step at a time, eyes open but in the dark.

We are all very pleased that these tiny signs of improvement continue.



Friko said...

Oh dear me, what a sad little Ratty he still is.
They break your heart, these creatures who own us.

I am glad that he s free from pain and that signs of an active cat life are getting stronger.
Keep us informed, as I'm sure you will.

Good luck to you and Ratty.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Paws crossed xxxx yum that jelly looks nice