Monday, September 12, 2011


I have a backlog of pictures from the adventures Down Under and tales both gripping and depressing ...  some of which I will get to once the jet lag/sleep deprivation/grim shock/ etc have subsided.

I think this picture sums up the past two months perfectly:

Sadly, every year campers are seriously injured or killed when they pitch their tents beneath eucalyptus trees.  Still, an endearing 'little yellow sign' which has not been marketed to tourists nor spotted hanging in the back window of a car.  (Thinks, Oh no, have I given them an idea?)



Anonymous said...

Your back - hooray!

Thanks for visiting and alerting me to your return.

He's now a client of mine so I do him regularily - lovely when an old school friend comes back into your life!

Jenny Woolf said...

Some dumb cluck has planted a eucalyptus tree here in the middle of London. It's grown at a huge rate and I am highly depressed to learn that it might have a tendency to shed boughs or fall over. If it falls over it will smash half the houses around. Specially when the wind is blowing as hard as it is today.

Do you think I should report it to the local council and try and get them to persuade the idiot who planted it, to cut it down?

Penelope said...

Am looking forward to hearing/seeing about your time in its several colours, meanwhile am spending time, too, under the dangerous limbs and their chattering birds.

Isabel Doyle said...

Jenny, to the best of my limited knowledge, eucalyptus trees are not famous for falling down, only for dropping limbs. I don't know if this is a species-wide problem, or one restriced to Australia. We have 'borers' that do a lot of damage to trees and they may be responsible for the limb-weakness.
Perhaps your council has a landscape or some such speciality department that could advise you on the risks?

jabblog said...

That sign just made me giggle, the words rather than the graphic.
*ahem* Obviously it is a serious problem - my advice would be 'Do not camp - ever!'

Hope the jet lag et al resolves soon.