Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guess Who Came to Breakfast?

I have got myself into a bit of a pickle with the wildlife.  I've told you about Floyd and Beowulf living on our doorstep in earlier posts.  I've mentioned peacocks, I'm sure. 

Before we went away, Floyd went AWOL - like he did last October - and we thought maybe he'd gone 'home' to his alternate residence.  (Always hoping he had not met with a life-changing incident.)  While I was in Melbourne Marius spotted him and reported Floyd had looked in but not stayed.  This morning he dropped by to have breakfast with Beowulf.

I was pleased to see him, really.

But I do have a problem with, er animals.

We decided we would adopt Beowulf officially, take ?her to the vet and get her vaccinated and checked out.  While I was away, Marius brought her inside a couple of times  but it was not a success.  I've told you that we think she is Norwegian Forest cat which is a breed that is renowned for its ability to climb and jump, its loyalty and free spirit.  Sums up Beowulf pretty well, except she is also very timid.  When Marius brought her in she streaked through the house to the back patio door which is always slightly open during the day for cats (you would think she had previously cased the joint).  She was out in the garden and over the wall before our resident cats had even registered her presence.  The second time Marius brought her in she did the same thing.

So bringing Beowulf in so that she can eat inside and live with us does not seem to be a feasible plan.  She continues to dine outside on the doorstep and sleeps on the marble threshold where it is cool.

Feeding Beowulf outside would not be such a problem if EVERYBODY else didn't want to join in.

Not only the usual suspects - LG, Ratty, Seams, the two black mangey toms but also mum, dad and baby:

I have no intention of supporting peacock life.  They have taken to roosting on the car - the chick as an elaborate bonnet ornament - and mum parading back and forth on the roof while dad struts his stuff on the path.  Peacocks are famously destructive (I've heard tales of them being menaces in the UK) and I don't want to encourage them at all.  Besides, although beautiful, those claws are as big as my hand and frankly scary.

Marius tells me his colleagues have also been complaining about peacocks all over the compound.  We have had a population explosion and there doesn't seem to be enough native food stuff to keep them all, hence they prowl the compound in gangs.  He also told me that the golf course next door had introduced the peacocks some years ago to add tone to the place, but the golfers hate the birds because the swoop on the golf balls and steal them, mid-hole.  (te he he)

When Marius comes home in the evening, there are often gangs of birds and cats hanging around the front door.  Not such a great look if you don't want a reputation as the mad cat/bird people.  All this so that Beowulf can stay:


jabblog said...

Peacocks should be able to make their own way in the world - they're noisy enough! I hope Beowulf will eventually relax and recognise where he's best off. Beautiful cat - but he's an individual and will take time to make up his mind.

jabblog said...

Sorry - She!

Anonymous said...

Beowulf sounds wonderful.

5 years ago a neighbour of ours died - she was an elderly spinster, we adopted her old cat. The cat took about a year to get used to us ... but even now will never come to sit on a lap or be picked up. She will lie or sit next to you but thats it. I love her for it!

Jenny Woolf said...

Get the impression that it is not entirely up to you whether you adopt Beowulf. :)

Gangs of peacocks - help!

Friko said...

It's a lon time since we last exchanged visits, I'll have to find out what happened.

As for Beowulf s/he might be feral and never come to live inside? My daughter 'had' a cat for 10 tears, who came for regular meals but never came inside the house. In the end they built her a little shelter outside for very cold winter days and nights, and even laid on a bit of heating!

Anonymous said...

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