Monday, September 26, 2011

Introducing Miss Beowulf Norse Woods Doyle

I think she has moved in:

under the kitchen table

There is still some grumbling on the part of Mr Macc, whilst Miss Ming is inquisitive and neutral, as long as She doesn't get to my sardines first.

We think Beowulf is a Norwegian Forest Cat, but we may be wrong.  According to wiki-wisdom, this breed is famous for its ability to climb and jump, and although faithful and affectionate, is free-spirited and outdoors-loving.  Hmmmmmm

Since she moved in on Saturday, she has not left the house.  I hope she discovered the cats' bathroom on her earlier explorations.  I open doors for her and invite her outside, but she meows sweetly and walks away.  Thank you, but I prefer it here.

As you can see, she is really a feral cat and has never been domesticated:


And she doesn't much like cuddles:

too bad you can't hear my purrrrrrr

Beowulf is rightly wary of Macc and spends most of her time in the kitchen and laundry.  I discovered her hiding place this morning, squeezed in behind the washing machine.  Under all that fur she is pretty slim and well, Mr Macc is rather a fatso, even though he has been on a 'diet' for about two years.  He can't squeeze behind the washing machine and I'm not sure he has figured out that is where Wolfe goes.

As for the wounds ...

I finally realised that the redness I was worried about was my reaction to the fancy dressings my nurse-neighbour used.  The redness has perfectly straight edges, which would be odd for an infection.  And it is itchy.  Ergo, dermatitis from surgical adhesive?  The four deep puncture wounds are closing up - one of them has disappeared and the other three are improving daily.  No need to amputate at this juncture thank goodness.

As for the rest of our living arrangements ...  it is truly a stupid time to adopt another cat when our lives are in limbo.  Marius' contract ends in February and he is currently in the crowd looking for re-deployment.  Many debates are underway, yet strangely the wisdom or otherwise of inviting Beowulf in has not arisen.  Odd.



jabblog said...

Miss Beowulf Norse Woods Doyle is beautiful and looks quite at home on someone's lap. How could anyone resist those gorgeous eyes? I'm glad she's found a home with you:-)
Janice x

li said...

An absolutely gorgeous cat! Love the badge - "Where there is tea, there is hope." Somewhere I have a photo taken in Croydon UK during the blitz - 2 or 3 kids drinking tea while sitting on the edge of a bomb crater.

Jenny Woolf said...

That is the most hedonistic looking feral cat I ever saw in my life. I'm glad you solved the mystery of the inflammation. I have developed an allergy to certain sticky plasters too.

Friko said...

Damn, my comment disappeared.

Friko said...

OK, here I go again,

of course this is not a domesticated cat, anyone can see that.

And what do you mean 'you' adopted another cat? It's cats who adopt their humans, you should know that by now.

For their sake, I hope the contract gets renewed.