Thursday, September 22, 2011

Please Don't Shout at Me

Forgive me gentle readers, for I am a wimp. 

I think your advice regarding Macc is sensible; but having rescued him (well received him from a rescuer) and housed and loved him for eight years I feel I have to give us both another chance.  Yes, he was wicked and uncivilised, but I feel partly at fault, failing to appreciate cat-territory-psychology.  And the only other time I have been injured by a cat (not Macc) I was also trying to gently shoo him in a direction he didn't want to go.  Clearly this is not sensible behaviour on my part.

I won't risk another confrontation between Macc and an intruder, especially  if I am home by myself.

As for the wounds ... I tried to get in to see a 'family doctor' yesterday at the local private hospital.  I tried to make an appointment online but their system was down.  I tried to ring the booking number but all I got was the Arabic answering machine (15 times in a row).  Eventually I tried the 'guest relations' number, where I got lost in a 'your call is important to us, please hold the line' and eventual Arabic answering machine loop (7 times); then I finally spoke to a person who immediately tried to transfer me to the Arabic answering machine number.  But I said Stop! I don't want to leave a message because they are never answered.  I want to make an appointment.  No dice.  But he did take my mobile number and several hours later, a person did call me.  The only appointment they could offer me was Saturday at 3 pm.  Surprisingly, I turned it down.

The joys and challenges of life in Exile.

My arm looks better than yesterday.  We changed the dressings last night and poured more betadine into the wounds.  There may be a slight amount of infection but truly, if any, only slight.  The wounds are not red or raw looking.  Believe me, I have an amazingly strong immune system in spite of efforts to slow it down and I think it is coping with the latest assault pretty well. 

If it gets worse or does not seem to be improving, I promise I will go and line up for hours to see a doctor. 

And next week I have to go back to the government hospital doctor anyway, so if she thinks it needs more intervention, believe me, she will shout enough for all of you.

Thank you for all your kind words and understanding.  As Marius said last night, if it was infected, it wouldn't be improving, it would be getting worse ...  or not showing signs of healing.



Anonymous said...

Your clinics sound a nightmare!

jabblog said...

I'm pleased your arm is looking and feeling better.
I'm pleased, too, being the softie that I am, that Macc is being offered another chance. Well done, Isabel:-) x x

Angella Lister said...

isabel, it was indeed presumptuous to suggest any course of action. of course you will do what feels best in your soul, and i am so happy to hear the healing continues. peace, my friend. xo