Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where is Isabel?

Don't know if you saw the note I left on 'Written in Exile' to say that I am out of hospital and feeling a little better - still in Melbourne and hoping the Muse will remember me soon.

Marius is returning tomorrow evening to have a short holiday (we hope so, this time) and in a few weeks he will take me back to Exile.

My internet access remains, er, steam-driven, so I am operating under difficulties.

I hope to be back to some sort of order in mid-September.

Best wishes

Isabel  xx


Angella Lister said...

So good to hear you are on the mend. I've been thinking about you and sending healing thoughts. Nice to get this steam powered note!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your return!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Good to read you are doing better, sorry I did not know about the hospital but will get on the healing wishes at once. I guess the steam age has not passed completely. Be well.

Jenny Woolf said...

I'd been wondering, and no, I'd forgotten "Written in Exile" - will take a look in fact. enjoy the rest of your time in Melbourne, and I'm glad that you seem to be on the mend.

jabblog said...

I was wondering where you were and how you were, too. I'm sorry to learn that your health is misbehaving again. I do hope you get the appropriate treatment and feel much better very soon.

Penelope said...

Get well wishes from the southern zones. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon.