Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wounds & Wolfe

Not much writing as the right hand is er, damaged.

I have perfected a (foolish) technique cat-wise:  Wolfe sits on the threshold and maows.  I close the back garden door so that the brute can't come in.  I open the front door and let Wolfe in.  She is in the kitchen eating the porridge as it were (partly because - and this is a homeless cat, remember? - she doesn't like the new cat-crunchies I bought at the weekend so won't eat what I give her outside), as I'm writing this and Macc is at the back door scowling.

But honestly, I cannot cope with any more dramas.

The wounds in my palm and the back of my hand are clean and healing nicely - they were the ones inflicted by the back feet.

The scratches up my arm, inflicted by the front paws are fading quickly.

However, surprise, surprise, the deep puncture wounds inflicted by Macc's fangs are not doing so well and I am considering showing them to a doctor.  I am not sure if they are infected or not.  The whole area around the FOUR punctures is slightly rosy and slightly warm and sensitive to the touch. I think it is more tender than it was two days ago.   Not angry red or puffed up.  Is the appearance the result of the healing process or something more sinister?  I am worried:  I  want to be reassured that I won't come down with septicaemia or gangrene ...

So I will drag myself off to the hospital this afternoon after Marius gets home. I hope the GP will understand my drug-related restrictions on antibiotics/vaccines and not kill me through ignorance. I will arm myself with more research first.

Double bummer as I really wanted to go a week without a medical visit!

Wolfe has finished the porridge and is mooching about.  I will let her back out the front in a minute.

I have not resolved my feelings about Macc.  I think (anthropomorphising) he is contrite, and I accept some of what happened was the result of my stupidity, but I don't feel forgiving and I don't feel trusting or relaxed.

Wolfe has gone out the front door now.  Ming came in the back door ... dramas averted.

In case you didn't see it the first time, and being mildly prophetic:



Jenny Woolf said...

If it was me I'd be encouraging Macc to find pastures new. I know cats aren't pack animals, but most animals do have some idea about the unwisdom of getting above themselves. To be honest I am not sure contrition is much of a cat thing - but hey, I'm not a cat psychologist so perhaps I am wrong!

I hope the punctures start to heal up today, you certainly don't need more medics in your life. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jenny I am afraid, dogs are often guilty (even when they haven't done anything wrong) because it is in their nature to please; cats are indifferent towards us - they have no underlying drive to please anyone but themselves.

Take your arm to the doctor please!

Angella Lister said...

i am glad you are going to show the wounds to a doctor. please let us know how it goes. and yes, perhaps there might need to be one less animal in your purview?

jabblog said...

Please do go to the doctor, if only to be reassured.
Poor Macc - maybe he'll learn the error of his ways.

Old Raven said...

Not a good dilemma ... but I do understand, unfortunately, I live in a gated community. I just installed a gate between porch and kitchen to keep the dogs in and another between the library and the hall to prevent dogs and cats from acquaintance.