Friday, April 15, 2011

The Rain Goddess is here

The other day I wrote that a friend had visitors, including one lady who is known as the rain goddess.  She last visited these parts two years ago, and yes it rained then too.

This morning Marius was unwilling to go for his swim - it is only 21 (!) very windy and wet.  He maintains it will fine up and he will go for his swim in an hour or two (it is Friday, remember, the 'weekend').

I mentioned the lack of drains and the propensity for flooding.  I didn't mention the slurry of muck that results from the rain washing through the dusty air and mixing with the dusty layers which coat everything.  It is revolting.

The cats are annoyed because it is too wet to sit in the garden. They keep going to the door, mooching around and coming back in shaking a disgusted paw.  They look accusingly at me, as if to say, what have you done to us?



jabblog said...

Dust or mud - what a choice:-/

Poetry Blog said...

Are they Aussie cats or foreign ones? My marmalade boys are looking for pen pals.

Isabel Doyle said...

The cats are 'kuching-kuching' - Malaysian street cats. I will write about them soon, I am only worried about alienating cat-refusniks.