Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Censorship or something

Whew ...  that was odd.  A little while ago, I sent an email from my gmail account to Elisabeth - more as an experiment than anything else.  I didn't think about it, but it was the first email I had sent from that account, er, here.

Immediately following my pressing 'send', my account turned to squiggle writing, and closed.  I tried to access my blogger dashboard and it had turned to squiggle writing too.   Ah, I thought, I know the answer, switch everything off and try again ...  which I did.  I got a message from 'g   gle' saying there had been suspicious activity on my account and they would have to verify me.  Send my phone number for a new code ...   which I really didn't want to do.

When I first set up Isabel's accounts I'd had the same problem and managed to circumvent it by asking Prima (number 1 daughter) to set it all up for me in Australia, without needing to use a telephone verification code.  Do you have to give a phone number to set up an email account where you are?

I have been rescued - clearly as I am able to write this - as Primus (number 1 son) logged in to my gmail account at home and was happy to give his telephone number to the authorities.   Having appeased the snoop-gods I won't make the same mistake again:  no more emails from me.

If I suddenly disappear again, it is most likely I have crossed some cyber-boundary inadvertently ...  or I have been thrown in jail.



jabblog said...

Glad you're back - keep safe.

annell said...

hummmmm...I don't know?

Anonymous said...

It was such a long time ago that I set up an account I can't remember - but even if I only set it up an hour ago I would have forgotten by now.
But does this mean you don't get spammed?