Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh -- it's so good to be back in Exile


I have unpacked my bag.  A breakthrough.

I didn't sleep much last night, in spite of staying up ALL day and finally succumbing to the delights of my sheets at about 8 pm.  I slept and woke and slept and worried and didn't sleep and worried.  Not only about the still missing Ratty, but also about the not-so-well Prima.  Who would live 12,000 km away from their children?  I don't recommend it.

On Saturday Prima complained of dizziness and vertigo.  We went to visit her, bought some food for her and fussed as only guilty parents can.  She was a little better on Sunday when we visited and brought food again.  We delivered her to her friend's house where she is staying for a few nights while she is busy at the Uni. 

On Monday she tried to get in to see a doctor but couldn't get an appointment until Tuesday. 

Our tickets were restricted - no changes allowed - so we were compelled to fly out on Monday night or forfeit them.  Prima said she wasn't that bad and we should go.

On Tuesday the doctor sent her for blood tests and an ECG and told her to come back today (Wednesday); he also told her to go to Emergency if she got any worse.

This morning, after my fitful sleep, I got up at 4:20 am and rang her.  She was in the waiting room at the Hospital, armed with a letter from the worried doctor and her test results.  The doctor  wanted her to have further tests, and possibly be admitted.

So - do I buy a ticket for this evening's marathon flight back to Melbourne, or wait?  Such is the agony of the absentee Mum.

I called her brother who promptly scooted down to Emergency to hold Prima's hand.  Champion son.

Eventually it was decided not to admit her.  She has been given a probable diagnosis of viral labyrinthitis, recommended rest and told to come back if she gets worse.  She is being cared for by her competent and careful friends and says 'not to worry, not to come' unless things go pear-shaped.

My rant is not about all the above, difficult though it has been.  No, like any sensible mother, I thought I would look up 'labyrinthitis' to both reassure myself and provide ammunition for more worry.

I typed in 'labyrinthitis':  the first website listed was the NIH one in the US, which I have found reliable for other conditions.  Perhaps you would like to look and see what is on the web page for me, because when I clicked on the link, I got the lovely message from those who know better than I do, that the site was banned because it contains 'pr*hibited m*terial'.  Infection of the middle ear - dangerous stuff, clearly.

Maybe I am incredibly naive and innocent that I can not see the glaring problem with the word or the site.  Such a delight to know I am being taken care of by those who know better.



jabblog said...

Oh dear! Maybe it's the 'labryinth' part of the word that causes the problem with the super-vigilant.

Sorry to hear that your daughter is unwell - I hope she recovers quickly. It certainly doesn't sound as though you should be rushing back to Melbourne but I do understand your concern.

Sleep well tonight:-)

Elisabeth said...

Strange Isabel, my youngest daughter has suffered two bouts of this condition in the last year, once the night before she was due to perform in her theater studies VCE performance and then more recently while she was away in Byron Bay at schoolies. Fortunately, we have a family friend who lives in Byron Bay and he was able to take her under his wing over the two days until she was well enough to rejoin her friends.

It's a horrible thing but my daughter has managed to get over it quickly enough. I hope the same applies to Prima.

the cuby poet said...

Hi I've come here from Sixth in Line. I hope your daughter is feeling better soon. I have read this post and some others but am unable to ascertain where you are!? :)

the cuby poet said...

I have just signed up as a follower.