Sunday, January 22, 2012

Big Toys and Road Safety

Thursday's newspaper had 'Road Deaths' as its leading article.  On the same front page, was a commercial press release, masquerading as 'news', about a wonderful demonstration of an F1 car for the public.   That happened on Saturday, closing down the city centre and encouraging more hoonism.

Today's paper had a report on the excitement, detailing the 300 km/hr speed achieved on what is normally a public road, and the many '360s' the professional driver performed for the adoring crowds.

I am a bit of a petrol head myself. I confess.

I am also appalled by the road fatalities here, one of the highest rates per capita in the world (and astronomical when you consider how much of the population is bus-bound and unable to drive).  The biggest cause of death on the roads is speed; closely followed by not wearing seat belts, driving dangerously, being distracted by texting or the video playing, and all fuelled by a fatalistic disregard for personal responsibility.

The young drivers have high-powered cars and love to decorate the road with skids and tyre burns from their antics.  They hardly need to be encouraged in their madness by 'professional' drivers setting a bar for them to emulate.

Marius and I did not venture to the main display, but we did witness the marshalling of the parade of private vehicles that preceded the main event.

Feast your eyes:



Marylinn Kelly said...

Isabel, No word yet from Ratty? I'm sorry. He should have been there to welcome you. Would it be incorrect to think that too much money also contributes to road fatalities, though not necessarily the fatalities of those with the too-much money. Anywhere with a Ferrari dealership is kind of a clue. And censorship protecting one from dangerous information, such as that associated with serious health matters. Exile indeed. I hope Prima is doing better. xo

Jenny Woolf said...

I'm the opposite of a petrol head. I hate the look of all those cars, and I'd get really depressed to see young men or indeed anyone showing off.
Mind you I did rather enjoy it once in California when I rented a little red Mustang...

jabblog said...

The gap between rich and poor is always depressingly wide. Maybe if young ladies were allowed to drive road fatalities would be fewer (or maybe they are allowed to drive and I've placed you in the wrong country)
I do like fine cars but not when they're driven at break-neck speed.