Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Days Long

I've stopped leaping up at every unidentified voice now.  I oscillate between acceptance and hope.  Eventually I will possibly stop hoping and resign myself to acceptance, but so far, I keep hoping (pace Seneca).

Ratty was last seen, full of beans and energy, the morning before we returned to Exile.  My domestic assistant gave him and the other cats their breakfasts and then let them all out into the garden for an airing.  Apparently Ratty climbed a tree and skedaddled over the wall.  Indrani tells me that while we were away, he took off on adventures twice before, once for two days, but he always came home.

When I am feeling optimistic, I think Ratty is out on an extended bachelor jaunt, like he used to have before his accident in early October.  When I am feeling realistic? pessimistic?  I think he must have had a final 'neurological meltdown' and has gone off to die by himself, as cats do.  I worry that he may have been hit by a truck out on the big road, or he ate poison on the golf course, or he got swept up in a 'trap, neuter, return (somewhere else)' program. 

I've spoken to all the other cats on the street, including LG (his little sister) and none of them have told me news of Ratty.  I've looked in unoccupied gardens and through the fence, and I still call him from our garden.  I've spoken to the maids I see out walking their employers' dogs, and I listen to all the voices of the peacocks and children, hoping to hear Ratty.

If I find his body, then that is that.  I'll know he has gone.  And yes, I expect I will stop hoping to see him on my doorstep, but not yet.  I miss him.

LG is well and her fur has grown back.  Strangely enough, she is still feeding her kittens in a haphazard way, although they are nearly as big as she is.  They are devastatingly cute:

Soon it will be time to try to organise for more neutering and spaying as we have an abundance of gorgeous young cats on the compound.  They are flourishing because people feed them, which means they are healthy and will soon start breeding too.  In fact Seams' May brood are already big enough to be multiplying.



Elisabeth said...

There is still hope, Isabel. A couple of our cats over the years have disappeared for several days on end, only to return. One in particular seems to have found a home elsewhere which she visits for long stretches, as if she has a secret lover.

Here's hoping Ratty returns to you soon.

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh dear, I am sorry about Ratty. It's such a nasty feeling searching for a pet. And he became such a pet.

I hope he surprises you, and turns up.

jabblog said...

I can understand your conflicting emotions. Not knowing is the worst. I do hope Ratty will reappear in rude good health.
The kittens are so beautiful - I suppose they're next in line for spay/neuter.
You - rather Macc - asked about Winston's arrangements. He has just one litter tray though the received wisdom is that there should be one more litter tray than the number of cats so he really should have two.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to read this about Ratty, I cna only equate it to the free-range chickens we kept in the village ... sometimes one or other would go AWOL - sometimes they returned sometimes they didn't.
Like the others I think the kittens are beautiful - certainly in excellent health for 'strays'.

Susannah said...

I had been wondering about Ratty and if he had turned up. Not knowing must be awful. I do hope that he may still arrive home, or at least you can find out something to give you closure. (((hug)))

The kittens are adorable. :-)

the cuby poet said...

Oh this continues to be a big worry for you. We don''t have our own cat but our neighbours cats make their way into our back garden regularly so lets hope Ratty is doing the self same thing.