Friday, July 1, 2011


This evening I was out feeding this chap:

Beowulf until we come up with a better name

who has been hanging around for about 6 weeks or so.  We are sure this cat has been abandoned as she (?) is definitely not one of the ferals.  To begin with, Floyd saw her off, and I used to feed her in secret, but lately they have been getting along fine, eating together and curling up on the doorstep together too.  Floyd has been AWOL for a few days - perhaps he has returned to his previous household?  A worse thought is that he has been packed up in one of the containers for international house moving, that have been littering our street in the last few weeks.  Anyway, Beowulf has been on her own.

Marius has done some research and thinks maybe she is related to the Norwegian Forest Cat;  she has a lovely nature, very timid but also very friendly once she trusts you.

I was sitting outside talking to Beowulf and feeding her when one of the peahens came by with two chicks.  Of course I didn't have my camera with me and by the time Marius had given it to me, they were spooked.  I chased them down the road and managed a few snaps:

Peachicks are quite ugly, prehistoric looking creatures.  They always remind me of baby dinosaurs.  Unfortunately in these pictures you can't see that they are beginning to grow their own little crowns:

The peahen escorted them across the street away from the camera and the trailing Beowulf:

Beowulf wasn't interested in stalking the chicks, rather she was interested in following and talking to me:

The peacock was bringing up the rear:

It is very dusty today.


Friko said...

Beowulf is a great name, although the original certainly wasn't a cat.

Heavens, you do see life, don't you? I just read back a bit here.

jabblog said...

Beowulf has quite a plumy tail. She looks as though she has lost quite a lot of body mass - thank goodness for you. I hope Floyd's okay. Too curious by half, cats!