Friday, July 8, 2011

Care for a Date?

This is the date palm in front of our house.  We have a nice food chain happening:  the birds eat the dates and the cats eat  ...  no they don't, because I feed them.  Although I wouldn't mind if they ate some of the myna birds.

Or perhaps you would prefer one of these?

Beautiful isn't it?  The blossom, or fruit,  smells faintly sweet and grape-like.  I am not sure what the fruit is called  - and the bees love them:





Dave King said...

Fabulous - in every sense.

susan t. landry said...

i really like taking walks with you around your neighborhood; it is the exact opposite of my neighborhood!

jabblog said...

It's good to see some green and have a little shade. Fresh dates - nice - and sweet-smelling blossoms.

Anonymous said...

waiting for next post