Saturday, July 9, 2011

Peacocks Calling

The peacocks seem to know that there is food at our house for cats.  Sometimes the cats leave a few crumbs behind and the peacocks always try their luck.  To begin with we had this chap snooping around:

We have also had a peahen - now sadly with only one chick.  I hope it is a different hen and she hasn't lost a chick in the last few days:

These last pictures were taken through the windows with my phone, in a hurry before the birds left so they are not very good.  In this one you can make out the little crown sprouting on the top of the chick's head (or maybe not).



Jenny Woolf said...

Cats and peacocks. I still can't get over that combination.

jabblog said...

Do cats and peacocks keep a respectful distance from each other? They probably should;-)