Thursday, February 23, 2012

Packing (again)

Regular readers will remember how much I hate packing.  It is time.  I've been putting it off all day and I can't put it off any longer.

We leave tomorrow morning (before breakfast), back to London to visit the Professors again, I'm afraid (wish me luck).

I am a tiny bit concerned that Ratty will do another mystery-disappearing act, but as we will only be away for a week, I hope he stays put.  We've spent the day bonding.

Having broken the ice with Elisabeth in Melbourne during January, I am now feeling brave:  if you happen to be in London over the next week and have a spare afternoon, let me know and perhaps we can meet up for a cup of tea or coffee.

Lent or not, I'll be having p*rk sausages for breakfast on Saturday!



Anonymous said...

Isabel - how long are you over here for? I am having a few days off next week so can easily trundle along to see you - e-mail is (sad I know - grown woman and all that stuff)

Jenny Woolf said...

Do you have a contact email? Well, I suppose you do. I can't find any contact on the blog though!

jabblog said...

Good luck with the Professors. I do hope Ratty stays put this time, though I'm sure he's had enough excitement in his little life for ever.

I live an hour away (well, 99 minutes!) from London Waterloo by train but it looks as though you've got two afternoons taken already:-)

Elisabeth said...

How were the professors? I hope you're ok. I came over here to look for you. Did you meet any London bloggers?

Jenny Woolf said...

Are you back, yet, Isabel? Hope all went well in the UK.

Joan said...

Looking for an update on Ratty, you, and sausages. Not necessarily in that order! ;)