Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ratty-Rat-Rat-Rat-Rat Rat!

Our young friend is slowly regaining his strength.  He is following the pattern he set the first time he had his 'head injury' and gradually, he is recovering control. Similarly to his first episode, the improvement has started at his head - his vision returned, control of his tongue (so that he can lap water and lick) - and now his front paws can almost bear his weight.  His thermostat has settled down and he can regulate his body temperature.  However, it is quite chilly here - only 15 this morning, and as he can't yet run around to warm up, I keep him wrapped if his ears or paws feel cool.

I'm feeling much better, thanks

Unlike the October incident, his purr box has been affected this time and he cannot purr.  It is really perculiar because he acts the purring cat:  paws kneading, eyes closed in bliss, whiskers forward, head-butting and so on, but no purr.  Every so often we hear a little rumble as if he is trying very hard to purr, but that is decpetive:  no purr.  His voice is also slightly odd, with no siren yeowls and a meow with a break in it.  (Perhaps the neutering op has affected his singing???)

He is not in any distress or pain, eats well, uses the litter box successfully and is alert and interested in what is going on around him.  After a few days of hesitant licks, he is well into his regime of personal grooming, which I think shows that he is returning to his cat-self.

the black spots will never go, but I can keep the white gleaming

cats do like some privacy - do you mind?

I have a friend who suspects this is an elaborate charade on Ratty's part.  He was expected to spend too much time out on the street and was never given access to the bedroom.  What better ploy than to stage another life-threatening attack to regain his former position of being waited on paw, tail and whisker?

Marius predicts he will be walking again by the weekend.  I hope so.



Anonymous said...

Lovely to see him back on the road to recovery - the whole episode is very odd though.

Our cat is mute - which in itself is quite nice ... except she purrs more loudly than any cat I have ever heard. She steals into the bedroom at about 5 a.m, jumps onto the bed, sits on the pillow (right next to a sleeping head) and purrs until that head gets out of bed to feed her.

Susannah said...

It is good to hear of his progress. He looks such a dear boy. Sending good thoughts his way. x

Jenny Woolf said...

Blimey he is indestructable. That stuff about nine lives might even be true....

glad he is perking up!

jabblog said...

I've just been catching up on the Ratty saga. Poor little chap. He seems to be making a swifter recovery this time - let's hope it sticks.

Penelope said...

Hmm, it did cross my mind this time that he might be a con artist, a seriously plausible on-off invalid. Still, he's a handsome and lovable boy. Glad he's on the mend again.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Glad he's better. What an emotional rollcoaster. And there is a sly gleam in his eye. :-)