Monday, November 7, 2011

It is raining in Dust-land

We are having our first rain since ?April, ?May ...  not only rain, but thunder too.  Naturally, I didn't cover the cushions last night or bring any in, so they are soggy and coated with the cement-like muck that results from months of dust and no rain.

It is nearly 8 o'clock and I have the light on (we are not far north, so this is unheard of).  It is coolish - about 23 - and my hair has curled up like a brillo pad.

It is Eid al Adha - a blessed time of Haj, prayer, charity, thanksgiving and feasting for our Muslim brothers.  All the shops are closed for the holiday and we have no milk.  No milk: no tea: on a morning that calls for cosiness.

The cats are disgusted and lurking inside, staring balefully, as only cats can, at the wet.

Marius went off to work this morning - he will pick up the days next week - and we managed our walk to the bus between showers. The compound is deserted. 

The rain means the roads will flood as there is no proper drainage and there will be more car crashes due to a combination of inexperience driving in wet conditions, fatal speed and the lubricating effect of dust and rain on greasy pavement.

 Tomorrow we are off to London to visit my Professor (the reason) and to have a break in civilisation (the real reason).

My shopping list consists of the usual suspects:  b*con, s*us*ges, PG Tips, Hovis Biscuits, cat litter tray liners, and a few surprises, including a super 'Animal' vacuum cleaner and a wheel for a suitcase.  Oh, and a haircut - I will cease looking like a poodle in need of grooming and regain my human form.

I am looking forward to exchanging the grey soggy skies of Exile with those of London.



Martin said...

Safe journey, Isabel. I believe the forecast for London is grey, but dry.

Penelope said...

Enjoy the novelties. The cats will love you doubly when you return.

chiccoreal said...

Dear Isabel: Pure poetry in motion the descriptive words here! So perfectly rendered this display of your mise en scene! Do have a wonderful time abroad with the "Professor" and please do tell us all about it!

izzy said...

How nice ! a break- enjoy your trip.
I just got a hair cut recently and am now no longer beset by so many snarls and tangles!

jabblog said...

Enjoy your break in civilisation. Safe journey and don't hurry back to exile:-)

Jenny Woolf said...

Hm, no M*rmite on your list, then. Oddly enough I saw your country of exile advertising itself at World Travel Market yesterday. Strangely, their stand doesn't look anything like your descriptions, nor does it tie up much with newspaper reports we get....wonder why...

Anonymous said...

I'm just back from Dublin and the skies in London are clear - but it's much cooler than you are used to! Enjoy your trip over here.

Elisabeth said...

What a tough life in this climate, Isabel. I enjoy the description of your hair, like a brillo pad.

You take us with you so much intensity here. Please enjoy your sojourn to London.