Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Weather & Water

This is the weather forecast from today's paper:

A tad warm?  If you are sufferng under grey cool skies, spare a thought for others less fortunate than you are.

Now that it is hot all the time, even overnight, an interesting thing happens:  there is no cold water.  Of course there is the fridge, and we have a water cooler thing-o that takes 20 litre bottles and offers chilled or room temperature drinking water, but if you turn on the cold tap you don't get cold water.

I usually shower with the tap hard over to cold.  Sometimes it is so hot I push the tap around to full on hot and have a very quick wash in the cooled-down pipe water, before the 'hot' water from the tank starts to run.  This only works if you are first to shower.

When I do the laundry, I fill the tub (we have one of those dreadful toploading machines which takes gallons and gallons of water and then shreds your clothes, which I hate) and wait two hours for the water to cool down, before I add the clothes and switch it on. 

I am worried about Floyd.  He is still on the doormat; he hasn't quite convinced Marius to adopt him fully, yet.  He spends the night on the car roof where I expect he feels a bit safer - out of sight, at least.  During the day, when it is really hot (like it is now - 48 or so) he sleeps on the marble threshold of our front door, which is cooled by the airconditioning inside the house.

I would like to bring him inside - I think it is too hot for him.  I make sure there is a bowl of water for him, and he is shaded, but the temperature is insane.  The only thing that is holding me back is a fear of pests/parasites (not fleas, but some of the feral cats look like they might have mange) and disease, and the risk that Floyd, who appears very well, might make my cats sick.

I would like to take him to the vet to have his 'pockets picked', get vaccinations and a health check, so I can safely introduce him to Ming and Macc.  Marius, quite sensibly realises that if he agrees to this procedure he has signed the adoption papers.


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jabblog said...

That is murderously hot! Laundry must take forever if you must wait for the water to cool down and showering is obviously an adventure all by itself (and to think we had a log fire just a couple of days ago!)
I hope Floyd will venture indoors into the cooler air. I love your expression, 'pockets picked' - very colourful and most apt:-)