Sunday, June 26, 2011


I was going to post a piece I wrote earlier about kitchen cupboards (fascinating, bet you can't wait eh?) but instead, I've decided to have a little moan.

This is my week in hospital to have my five infusions so I am feeling a little 'poorly' as they say.  I think I've told you that I have a serious and rare auto-immune condition, that has left me quite disabled: basically my arms don't work.  It is wonderful cover for chronic laziness and lack of interest in domestic chores because, well, I can't do much.  I am a lot better than I have been, but have serious limitations and serious on-going fatigue.  These are all excuses for me having part time domestic assistance.  Well I did.

We are off to Australia to see family in a couple of weeks and you may have noticed that we have cats. 

The domestic assistant also fed the cats for us while we were away because they don't like kennels, and Ming in particular always goes on hunger strike until we get back.

I got back from the hospital about midday and had something to eat when the assistant came in unexpectedly - usually she is here in the morning - to announce that she is leaving on Tuesday, permanently.  To be fair, she told me her mother is ill (who looks after her boys while she is here) and is going in to hospital.  Of course I could only wish her well and send her on her way with blessings and cash.

Almost everybody I know is away for one reason or another and all the pet accommodation places have been fully booked for months for the summer peak season.  I haven't been back to Australia to see my elderly parents or my offspring since last September (offspring have been here in the meantime) so I can't really postpone my trip.

So now we have a frantic time, amongst my hospital visits, to try to find a replacement domestic assistant and/or cat sitter.   A job opening for someone with high quality skills and a low threshold of thrills.



jabblog said...

Bummer! I do hope you find someone quickly and they have a chance to meet the cats.

Would your neighbours across the way be willing to allow their live-in help to spend some time with your cats? Or perhaps she (the help) might know someone reliable who needs a job.

Good luck - I will be thinking of you.

Isabel Doyle said...

The live-in maid of neighbours-across-the-way is going home on holidays next month. As soon as I'd heard of her impending arrival I'd ascertained this information. Lots of folk with live-in maids take the opportunity of sending the maid on annual leave while the householder also has a holiday, complicating the issue dramaticallly.

Kenia Cris said...

I hope you find someone really soon! If I were around I'd offer myself to take care of them since I'm on vacation and would really enjoy it. =)

Isabel, I wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog yesterday, it cheered me up. I'm leaving my e-mail, just in case you want to contact me and talk about anything you wish. I'd love that too.

Take care and keep smiling.

Penelope said...

Here's wishing you well for the week's challenges 'Isabel' (that was an intriguing post, last time).

Jenny Woolf said...

Does it have to be a maid doing this chore? I'm wondering if there are any neighbours who like animals. Apologies if this sounds silly, but I'm not sure if you are living with other "foreigners" or whether your area is basically full of local people. If the latter then probably they wouldn't want to do this stuff.

Is there a branch of a foreign cat rescue society where you live?

The only other thing is to ask your ex maid if she knows anyone who will look after them - a child wanting to earn some extra money perhaps.

I hope these suggestions don't sound too silly and too Western. It is just that I don't know the crucial details of your life, (and I do understand why you don't want to reveal them. )

This is not what you need when you are already feeling so ill and coping with a disability.

Isabel Doyle said...

These are all good suggestions and I am working on the hypothesis that we will be able to co-opt someone's maid.

What I didn't make clear - what is perhaps unimaginable - is that once the schools finish for the summer, the compound is deserted except for the working spouses and a few, very few, very, very few, wives that hang around. No children at all.


Isabel x