Tuesday, December 6, 2011


LG spent a few days at my friend's spa recuperating from her operation.  We had planned to keep her in protective custody until after her follow-up visit to the Vet on Wednesday afternoon.  However, in spite of all appearances to the contrary, she had been feeding her kittens - and by last night her mammaries were full of milk.

This morning, protesting even more than during her first inelegant plunge into the cat carrier, R and I brought her home.  We took her, in the carrier, to the wall of the golf course.  Her kittens were down in the sand, waiting for me to feed them.  At the sight of us, or the smell of their mother, they began to meow loudly.  LG was frantic to get out of the carrier to them.  We could barely unzip the front before she scrabbled her way free.

There was a touching reunion:

where kittens got milk and LG relief.  She washed them and kissed them, making a happy family.  R and I were also relieved and pleased, as we worried that she would spurn them, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to peacocks and wild cats. We were also relieved that the kittens survived without her for the 48 hours she was 'busy'.

It wasn't long before LG's attention wandered ...

and then  LG had had enough of the whole motherhood sentimental business.  She shrugged off the remaining kittens and climbed a tree to sharpen her (trimmed under anaesthetic) claws.  The kittens came back and finished the crunchies I had scattered for them.

We wondered if LG would ever trust us again.  She'd cast some pretty severe looks our way before she sauntered off into the trees.  (My friend R thought this might be because LG had hoped she'd no longer be out on the street and had passed some bizarre initiation rite.)

Less than two hours later I went out to buy some bread - and look who was on the doorstep, showing off her clipped ear:

The clipped ear tells any would-be cat catchers that she has been sterilised and can be left alone (we hope).  She has a significant shaved patch which will be chilly (it is quite cool for Exile-land presently), perhaps it will encourage her to snuggle up to her babies at night?

I am pleased it has all worked out so smoothly without any major dramas and that we are all still friends.  And I am grateful that my friend R was able to provide lifting and taxi services, along with the all-important recuperation suite.

Ratty is doing well although he is still a little gamy in the hind legs.  He more than makes up for any physical shortcomings by his devotion.



Anonymous said...

Delighted LG is back but I was a little concerned about the clipped ear - in one photograph it looks as if they have cut the end off and in the next she is presenting two perfectly normal ears, so what am I missing? I mean if I can't see does that mean the man who rounds them all up won't see it either?

Susannah said...

I love following the story of the cats and am glad of good news of both LG and Ratty. Bless you for looking out for them. x

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean now the angle of the second photo is difficult to see that.

Shoes? Ah now thats the dilemma. Grey dress the Victorian ankle boots - purple one, I have purple suede ankle boots or long black ones, can't wear the seude if its raining though. You see there is much more to this than meets the eye, I am not really as empty headed as I may sometimes appear, so much to consider ...

jabblog said...

I'm so glad to hear that LG is back and fit and doing her duty by her kittens, even if it's not entirely (or at all) altruistic. I'm pleased that you're all still friends, too:-)

Susie Clevenger said...

Oh how sweet..I love cats. I have two of them...one I rescued from outside my front door and the other I adopted at Pet Smart.