Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I was admiring my gardenias this morning - they only last a few days - when I spotted something I'd never seen before.  I know very little (if not less) about insects, beyond a general awareness of bugs and their abilities to camouflage themselves. 

Spot the spider-ish creatures:

And here:

I have never seen white insects before:

Aren't they clever?

*                                                        *                                                            *

I am sorry, I have some bad news too.  While I was out surveying the estate, I noticed a small bundle of grey feathers.  Definitely a deceased bulbul chick.  I don't know if it is the one we'd all been watching or not.  My cats have not noticed the little body and I think are innocent of its demise.  I wouldn't be surprised if its crazy parents hounded it to death with their exhortations to fly.  RIP little one.


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jabblog said...

Clever - but creepy! I bet they glow in the dark, too.
Shame about the little bulbul. I know it's impossible for them all to survive but it's always sad to see a little life snuffed out.